Care & Maintenance Instructions for Juan de Fuca Table

Now that you are the proud owner of a Juan de Fuca Table, here are some simple instructions for care and maintenance.

Cedar Veneer

Our Cedar is sourced from certified and sustainable wood suppliers in British Columbia. Our Cedar is stained in a clear coat and is easy to maintain with thoughtful care.

Wood will naturally change colour over time, however, to maintain an even aging process, allow your new table top to remain free from any surface objects for about 48 hours. This allows the wood to absorb the natural light of the location and calibrate itself to its new surroundings.

Placing wet objects or sharp items may damage the finish or mar the surface; we recommend using coasters with drinks and being cautious with other items.

When cleaning the top, run a duster or slightly damp soft cloth in the direction of the grain. This will prevent scratches or other marks. Wood cleaner or any other ‘wood products’ are not necessary.

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